Fiona is the matriarch of the Anderson Family. She lived in Desiderata Valley. Fiona had the Family aspiration.

Family Edit

Fiona was made in Create-a-Sim, so she has no parents or siblings.

She married Mark and together they had four children, Melissa, Samantha, Josh, and Arianna. They have several grandchildren, and few great-grandchildren.

History Edit

Fiona and her husband, Mark, were created in Create-a-Sim. After their creation, the couple moved into 196 Main Street in Desiderata Valley. Days later, she gave birth to her first child, Melissa. When Melissa was a child, Fiona gave birth to twins, Samantha and Josh. The family moved into a new, larger house soon after the twins were born. When the twins became teenagers, Fiona gave birth to her last child, Arianna.

She aged into an elder, and Fiona and her husband moved into a smaller house to enjoy retirement. Mark died, and then several episodes later, Fiona died as well. She had a platinum aspiration level.

Trivia Edit

Fiona was a good witch.