Melissa Anderson was the oldest child of Mark and Fiona. She was born in Episode 3 of Season 1. She lived in Desiderata Valley.

Family Edit

Melissa had twin younger siblings, Samantha and Josh, and a younger sister, Arianna.

Melissa was married to Scott. With Scott, she had twin children, Gabriella and Aaron. Melissa also has two grandchildren.

History Edit

Melissa grew up in her parents' starter house, 196 Main Street. When she was a child, her mother gave birth to her younger siblings Josh and Samantha. After the twins' birth, the family moved into a much larger house and Melissa aged into a teenager. She received a scholarship to college.

She attended Sim State University, where she majored in Literature. When Melissa was a college freshmen, she and Scott become engaged. Melissa graduated with honors and returned to Desiderata Valley as an adult.

Almost immediately after returning home, Scott and Melissa married. In the first episode of Let's Play: The Sims 2 Bon Voyage/Freetime, Melissa gave birth to twins, Gabriella and Aaron.

She died as an elder.